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To say we have a passion for new business creation and small business growth is an understatement. ActSeed was created to be one of those MUST-HAVE resources for anyone creating a new business or building a small business.  Not just hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley, but companies everywhere.  A majority of our entrepreneurial challenges are similar, regardless of industry segment or location.  We know this because we have been in the trenches building our own companies and helping others do the same – not on the sidelines, but on the field, where the action is.  We’re not academics. We’re “battle-scarred veterans of business-building”, but we love what we do.

Who we are, specifically.

ActSeed was created by longtime business partners and friends, Bill Attinger and Dan Jacobson.  Bill got his start on Wall Street with Morgan Stanley in the early 1990’s as an investment banker and a “numbers guy” and has evolved into a full-time startup guy with a depth of expertise in operations, sales and marketing, including the latest social media strategies and technologies.  Dan built a career as a “Big 4” consultant and emerged as one of the experts in CRM (customer relationship management) processes and technologies.  Together, they founded one of the first venture-backed hosted CRM business solutions startups in Silicon Valley in the late ’90’s. While Bill and Dan have lived and worked in the major corridors of finance and technology (Manhattan and Silicon Valley), they are both from Midwestern and southern upbringings, meaning they understand and identify with “MAIN STREET” entrepreneurs that are building productive, job-creating, innovative companies everywhere, not just in a few metro areas.

Bill Attinger - ActSeed - Entrepreneur

Bill Attinger

Dan Jacobson - ActSeed

Dan Jacobson

Bill has conducted seminars for entrepreneurs and aspiring angel investors at local SBDCs (Small Business Development Centers), community colleges, incubators, trade show panels, entrepreneur clubs and universities. He has hosted online seminars across the USA and as far away as Amman, Jordan (for The Jordan Career Education Foundation) using Skype, Google Hangouts, Webex and Go-to-Meeting.

Like the entrepreneurs and small businesses we serve, we are “always-on”, 24×7 …well, almost that much. Want to know more about our background?  Please visit our LinkedIn profiles at http://www.linkedin.com/in/billattinger and http://www.linkedin.com/in/danieldjacobson.

What we have learned in 20 years.

We have learned that entrepreneurs’ most important needs are commonly three things: capital, visibility and expertise. Capital may come from sales revenue or investors, but you need it to grow. Without visibility from efficient marketing and branding activities, customers, investors and potential acquirers will not know you exist. Without expertise from others, you will have to learn hard lessons that could be avoided. With some good guidance, you may avoid “potholes” that kill your competitors.

We have learned that entrepreneurs are incredibly busy and watching every penny closely, so they want affordable “bite-sized” expertise that won’t break the wallet or take days to digest. We have also learned that you really do get what you pay for, and that “free” is never really free, but often costly. It takes money to make money. We made ActSeed’s services fit the needs and realities of smart business-building entrepreneurs.

How we are sharing this expertise today.

Within ActSeed we offer two types of essential services.

1. Do-it-Yourself Online: Using ActSeed’s Due Diligence Report Generator, you can build your company’s playbook to share with your team as a management tool or share with prospective investors. Subscribe for $20 per month. Use it as often as you need. Generate as many PDF reports as you want. Stop the service whenever you like. If you’re a self starter and want a candid view of your company, this is the best deal around.  Learn more on our SERVICES page.

2. On-demand, Live Strategic Advisory Sessions via Online Teleconference: Entrepreneurs can schedule Mr. Attinger’s time for 1-to-1 strategy sessions or predefined seminars on a range of small business topics. Mr. Attinger also offers a document review service where he provides a written assessment of your business plan, financial projections or marketing materials with suggestions to enhance the documents.  Please see our SERVICES page for rates and how to schedule a service.

As Oracle / Hewlett-Packard Executive Mark Hurd once said in an interview with The Economist, “Vision without execution is nothing.”  This does not imply vision has no value, but it emphasizes that you can have the greatest idea in the world, but you won’t transform the idea into value and wealth without the right people, plan, execution and intensity.

You bring the idea, people and intensity.  We’ll contribute our intensity and help you with the plan and execution.