Overcoming the Entrepreneur’s Trust Deficit

Overcoming the Entrepreneur’s Trust Deficit

The Entrepreneurial Trust Deficit

We’ve walked miles in your shoes and know your challenges personally. You’re looking to start a company or struggling to get some momentum for your young company. You’re trustworthy, but investors, customers and vendors are cautious. They need to trust you and your business before investing, buying or extending credit. Trust is something built over time.

Ok, trust is something built over time, but we’re short on time, so how do we build trust quickly?

Answers. Solid, direct, well-prepared, thorough answers to critical issues. Don’t expect investors, customers or vendors to swallow any hype. No answers mean no deals. When you know what you’re talking about, others will listen.

How can you prepare answers when you aren’t even sure what the questions are?

Generate your own custom Due Diligence ReportActSeed offers the easiest, most direct blueprint for impressing investors, customers and vendors. Through ActSeed, you can generate a custom “due diligence” report that serves as the blueprint for your survival and success. This is what everyone thinking about doing business with you also wants to know.

You can either spend thousands of dollars on consultants or lawyers to learn what questions are important or spend a small fraction of that with ActSeed and take control of the process yourself.

Entrepreneurs must swim in the shark-infested waters of business. Not just “Shark Tank” investors, but vendors, clients, competitors, cofounders and employees that can sink you if you’re not on top of your game. The way you protect yourself is to have a strong command of all facets of your business at all times.

Since 2008, ActSeed has helped thousands of entrepreneurs.

We have helped all kinds. First-time entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs. Young and old. Self-employed “solopreneurs”. Service models and product companies. Idea stage and growth stage. Local lifestyle businesses to “the next big thing”. We’ve helped them all. ActSeed was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – not consultant-types, but people who have built multiple businesses from the ground up.

Due Diligence means knowing your business inside and out.

Starting a company? You can’t start building a house without a blueprint. You shouldn’t start building a business without a due diligence report. Map out your launch and growth plans. Interrogate the business from every angle. Make sure you’ve thought of everything you can, because the sharks will exploit what you neglect and everyone else will wait until you’ve proven something before engaging.

Looking for funding? Don’t expect an investor to write you a check because you have an interesting idea but can’t present a cohesive strategy to implement it. Don’t expect a second chance if you aren’t crisp in your first conversation with an investor. Separate yourself from the thousands of others competing for investor dollars by having a solid command of your business when others are still “making it up as they go”.

What’s the difference between a Business Plan and a Due Diligence report?

Business plans open doors. Due diligence closes deals.

Business plans are kind of like a sales document for your business. Due diligence reports just deliver the information – no frills, just content. A business plan is a commercial for your venture. A due diligence report is your script for daily operation and action. Investors want to see how you’re going to implement your idea. Your due diligence report gives them confidence that you’ve thought this through. If you’re self-funding (“bootstrapping”) your company, it’s just as important to have a practical due diligence roadmap.

So where can you create a custom due diligence report?

Right here. ActSeed has created a no-frills online process. We present the key questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer. You fill it out. We generate scores that enable you to evaluate your readiness to impress investors, customers and vendors. You work at your own pace. As you confront the issues we raise, your ActSeed score increases. The higher the scores, the more prepared you are, which means building more trust and confidence with those who can make or break your business.

We want you to be a success, not a statistic.

There are enough things that will blindside you in the first five years of building your business. You don’t need to stumble on pitfalls you can avoid. Forgive us if we seem blunt, but we are here to give you an incredibly useful tool, not pump you full of sunshine.

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