Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

Run your business from a smart phone.Can you run a business out of something that can fit in your back pocket? PC World says yes. Running a small business from your smartphone — virtually — is possible with the many apps available, on iTunes and Google Play, like videoconferencing programs and PowerPoint assistants.

You can sell products, keep track of mileage, calculate the amount of time spent on a project, build spreadsheets and complete other tasks, too, with a variety of apps.

What apps would best serve a small business owner who wants to rely more on a smartphone? Forbes has several suggestions for making a business productive this year.


If you’re a traveling sales representative, you could use EchoSign to manage, send and sign documents from your smartphone. EchoSign alleviates the need to carry large paper contracts because users access documents from the mobile device instead. If you’re a small company of 1 to 5 users, the app is free, otherwise you’re looking at spending $299 to $399 for a global or enterprise license.

The Right Hosting Service

Email is definitely a business necessity. You should get reliable VPS hosting, which allows business partners, employers and customers a fast and secure way to share files and data. VPS hosting at provides email benefits such as push email, which decreases a user’s reliance on SMS Messaging, a dated technology. Customers’ emails, contacts, tasks and other information also are saved on the server. This data can be automatically synched on a new device.


Forbes’ David K. Williams recommends Evernote for Business because it’s a multi-platform app that specializes in note-taking. Improved support, simplified billing and business notebook features all for the small price of $10 per month (premium version), per user. It’s great for capturing and organizing everything from photos to emails to web sites. It’s the ultimate brainstorm tool and you can download for PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

PayPal and Money Center Smartphone Apps

Most major banks and PayPal have advanced smartphone apps. Even some of the smaller regional banks have good apps. As an entrepreneur on the go, make sure you have your bank’s app and understand the features. Many will even give you a free dongle that will allow you to swipe a credit card using your phone.


Speaktoit is the top-rated virtual assistant for Android or iOS/Windows, according to Forbes. However, the app will target productivity for businesses this year. More features are being added, including calendar/meeting scheduling. Users can schedule meetings via voice through their Assistant. The app will remind users of their daily agendas, also via voice. Reminders can be given so users will know to book an airplane flight or a room in a hotel. Speaktoit also will partner with financial news services to give automatic updates on financial news and stock quotes.


So far, we’ve highlighted apps to help you run your business. Now, we share a company that can create a custom smartphone app for your business. Having your own app enables you to connect with your customers wherever they are. Custom app creator company Vandrio does this well, and the costs are incredibly affordable for a small business to have a custom app.

Long gone are the days when business people were tied to their desks with their traditional land-line phones, large personal computers, paper calendar and a cumbersome file cabinet filled with space-hogging documents. Although office time probably is a necessity for most business people, mobile apps and smartphones make it easier to take on many tasks, while growing their business on the open road.

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