A List of One: Navigate Your Daily Chaos toward Larger Goals

Why do so many New Year’s Resolutions fail after the first six weeks? People fail to achieve their goals for lots of reasons, but we’re not focusing on excuses here. We’re focusing on solutions. ActSeed Tip: Create a List of One

The typical day of an entrepreneur or small business owner is crammed with surprises and distractions, and the long list of longer term, strategic, goal-oriented activities often gets pushed to the following day, then again, until so many days slip by that those big goals become completely ignored. This is akin to treading water instead of swimming and wondering why the shoreline fades in the distance.

One useful tactic to help you get back on track with your goals is to create a List of One.

Each day, amid the minutiae and distractions, focus on completing one goal or one milestone toward a larger goal. You can have a larger list, but each day, just pick one key milestone and make material progress. If you complete your List of One, then create another List of One and apply the same focus and tenacity to completing that task. One step at a time.

Yes, the process is as simple as it sounds, and you’ll find that more gets done when you chew one bite at a time of the metaphorical elephant we call building a small business.

What’s on your List of One today?


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