How a Cultural Pendulum Becomes an Entrepreneur’s Advantage

Pendulum for EntrepreneursWhen we find ways to level the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we share them.

The slowest of the herd get eaten.
The view for the middle of the pack never changes.
But those at the front eat first and best.

The Reality

There is no perfect crystal ball, but information does exist that can give us a competitive advantage. We don’t need perfect foresight, just better information sooner than our competitors. Relying on trends and patterns identified exclusively for a slice of society, such as stock markets or fashion, may provide minor insight into what we should do now and what we should plan to do in the future, but isolating a piece of society to forecast the future may be severely limited in value.

Pendulum for Entrepreneurs

The Challenge

The challenge is to identify patterns so we don’t fight trends we can’t control. We must find ways to harness the natural energy within markets so that our businesses benefit from motions we cannot control but can be leveraged to our advantage.

Waves oscillate. Capital markets oscillate. People, populations and political winds oscillate. Oscillation is a given within both nature and man. When we tune our businesses to the right oscillations, we compete and serve our customers more effectively.

The Approach

If you could identify a pattern that has held up for thousands of years, that oscillates with regularity and integrates broad cultural trends to show how humankind collectively swings like a pendulum back and forth between a “We” mindset and a “Me” mindset, would you have an advantage over your competition?

If you had information that enabled you to target belief systems, worldviews and attitudes instead of simply age groups or other narrow demographics, would you have an advantage over your competition?


The Solution

When we find ways to level the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we share them.

Pendulum is a program you should seriously consider.

Entrepreneurs need a better way to figure out what people need now and will need in the future, not what they needed yesterday.

Entrepreneurs need to know what marketing angle will be most effective in reaching people.

Entrepreneurs must avoid investing in marketing that may have been previously successful but will likely flop now and in the future.

Patterns have emerged through the oscillation of our culture over time. Pendulum has uncovered a tantalizingly interesting pattern that can benefit us and our customers, which is why we have decided to share this with you while exploring it ourselves.

History, if you will listen to her voice, may stutter sometimes, but she is a brilliant teacher.

Pendulum for Entrepreneurs

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