Starting a Restaurant?

From the “Ask ActSeed” files…

Question for the Ask ActSeed TeamWhat is your advice on starting a restaurant?

How would you approach it?

Answer from the Ask ActSeed Team1. Check out the resource documents on the site: “The Restaurant Wizard“, where you can find introductory information about food and labor cost control, reporting, setting up a chart of accounts, and more.

The site’s owner, Scott Armstrong, is a consultant to restaurant owners and based in southern California. If you like his articles, he may be a good consultant for you to consider engaging. These articles have a lot of helpful business tips unique to operating a restaurant.

2. For the general business-starting issues, join ActSeed’s Entrepreneur Group. Here, you have a blueprint for starting any business – restaurants included. Even if you are just in the idea stage, this will help you. ActSeed generates scores for the preparedness of an early stage business in 7 core areas, so you can quickly determine where you need some additional preparatory work before launch and during the first few years of operation.

Here’s a link to a 5-page overview about ActSeed’s business blueprint process and how it will help you get your company off the ground.

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