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Question for the Ask ActSeed TeamI am looking for some quick funding. Do you have any resources?



Answer from the Ask ActSeed TeamWe have seen deals from connections within ActSeed.com happen quickly, but investors and lenders aren’t keen on making a decision without full information. The ActSeed Entrepreneur Group profile can be completed in an afternoon if you’ve already mapped out your business model in some way. The key to quickly move from intro to deal usually depends upon how quickly you can demonstrate that you can implement the idea and make money for you and the investor. Getting the key info on the table fast is what ActSeed.com helps with.

The process to find investors through ActSeed is:

  1. Register on ActSeed.com and then
  2. Join the ActSeed Entrepreneur Group
  3. Complete the two Company Profile screens (public and private info)
  4. Search ActSeed’s network of investors (Investor Group) and
  5. Contact investors that you find who seem to fit your deal

ActSeed Investor Group members will also be looking for deals that fit their interests and may contact you directly.

There’s a nominal membership fee that supports the services ActSeed provides.  It’s a month-to-month fee, so there’s no long term commitment and we don’t take any of your company’s equity.

If you’re looking for someone to invest based upon a loose concept without much detail and without spending any money, then the best place to look is to the people who already know you well, as they will be investing because they know you personally, and their evaluation of your business will be largely based upon your personal relationship.

In summary, if you are asking friends and family for funding, you can sell yourself first. If you are asking strangers for funding, be prepared to thoroughly sell the business model and your plan for its implementation.

We wish you success in finding your funding, and thanks for sending us your question.


The ActSeed Answer Team

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