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How Your Business Can Reach the First Page of a Google Search

SEO, Links and Backlinks help your web page rank #1 on GoogleIn this article, we explain search engine ranking strategies and recommend a service that can help you dramatically boost your ranking.

What does a #1 rank on the first page of a search result on Google mean to you?

The first link in a search result means 90% of the traffic goes to your site. Being #2 means traffic drops to 58%. The tenth search result gets 12% of the traffic. Falling to the second page of search results means less than 10% of the traffic, and forget about any attention after page 2. Most entrepreneurs don’t have primetime advertising budgets, but getting ranked #1 in a Google search can be affordable and will vault your business, brand and revenues.

While Google constantly changes their ranking algorithms, the single largest factor in determining your web page’s rank is still something called “backlinks”. This simply means that someone has provided a link to your web page from their web page. More backlinks to your page suggest to Google that your content is valuable and interesting.

So, how can you get more backlinks to your site?

There’s a whole service industry built around helping web sites improve their ranking. It’s commonly called “search engine optimization” or “SEO”.

Like most promotional strategies, there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. There are services called “link farms” that will, for a fee, create links back to your web pages. Most of these services are tantamount to “link spam”, and Google may penalize you for lots of junky links and actually remove your page from search results.

Use BlogDistributor and high quality backlinks to help your web page rank #1 on GoogleThe right way to do this is, of course, create quality content and be active in social media. We also found a great service that can dramatically and rapidly improve your ranking by helping you build quality backlinks in a way that won’t cause Google to penalize you.

With 5 years of research and 20 patent claims, a company called Blog Distributor has emerged as a wonderful resource for startups and small businesses that want to boost their Google search rank. We have witnessed this service help companies that didn’t even show up in the first dozen pages of the results (ranking lower than 120th) to #1 in as few as two months for the cost of a couple ads in a local newspaper, but far greater impact. Of course, if your chosen search phrase is popular, it may take a bit longer and cost a bit more.

Use BlogDistributor and high quality backlinks to help your web page rank #1 on GoogleActSeed has arranged a deal with Blog Distributor to offer a free consultation for ranking your web page. This is available to entrepreneurs, small business owners, SEO firms, PR firms and social media firms. This is valuable to all. Just complete the form below and we’ll help arrange the consultation.

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