ActSeed Partners with GoHealth to Provide Health Insurance to Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Sole proprietors who don’t qualify for group health insurance plans now have an efficient way to explore options for coverage anywhere in the USA.

ActSeed Partners with GoHealth to Provide Health Insurance to Self Employed EntrepreneursOrlando, FL (July 12, 2012) – ActSeed has teamed up with GoHealth Insurance to help 15 million self-employed individuals in the US find affordable health insurance for themselves and their immediate families. Now, an individual can complete a simple web form, receive a preliminary quote instantly and start the process of acquiring insurance within all of the 50 US states.

“At ActSeed, we constantly hear from self-employed entrepreneurs who seek affordable health insurance, but don’t know where to turn,” said Bill Attinger, CEO of ActSeed. “Instead of wasting valuable hours trying to research options through Google, we want to direct our community members to GoHealth, where sole-proprietors can quickly find the best and most appropriate health insurance plan for themselves and for their immediate families. The sooner we can help a solopreneur secure affordable insurance, the sooner they can get back to serving their customers and growing their business, so everyone wins.”

According to the US Department of Labor in June 2012, approximately 1 out of every 9 people in the labor force is self employed. Furthermore, according to a 2011 survey by the National Association for the Self-Employed, more than 12% of these “solopreneurs” do not currently have health insurance.

Sole proprietorships and one-person companies depend heavily upon a single individual to maintain operations. A significant health issue can derail a one-person company and quickly bankrupt the proprietor with health care bills and loss of revenue.

“With our service, we make it easy to shop, compare and purchase health insurance for individuals, families and entrepreneurs alike,” said Mark Colwell, Manager of Consumer Marketing at GoHealth. “The CEO and President of GoHealth actually founded the company because it was so confusing to compare their coverage options as young entrepreneurs. They knew they could utilize technology to help make the tedious task of purchasing coverage much simpler. Now after more than 10 years in the industry, we’ve helped nearly 30 million people shop and purchase health insurance.”

About GoHealth Insurance

ActSeed Partners with GoHealth to Provide Health Insurance to Self Employed EntrepreneursGoHealth and its customer-facing website is a health insurance technology platform, working with over 100 health insurance carriers and more than 10,000 licensed agents across the United States. Since the company’s founding in 2001, the GoHealth platform has helped nearly 30 million Americans shop and purchase health coverage. GoHealth, based in Chicago, Illinois, was recently named in the top 100 best workplaces in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune and is one of Inc 500’s fastest growing companies in America.

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