Ready to Swim in the Shark Tank on ABC?

Shark Tank Entrepeneur Investor Show on ABCIf you think your startup or product idea can survive an interrogation on national TV, then contact us now.

Yun Lingner is the Co-Executive Producer for a TV series on ABC called Shark Tank, a Mark Burnett Productions show.

If you’re not familiar with this show, entrepreneurs are selected to pitch their businesses to a panel of wealthy investors (e.g.  Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran) in order to land an investor. We are helping Yun find some innovative businesses, products, business ideas and of course, entrepreneurs with interesting backgrounds or stories for the upcoming season.

If you’re interested in swimming with the sharks on national TV, send us an email to with “Shark Tank” or “I want to swim with the sharks” in the subject line and we’ll get you connected directly to Yun.

If your deal needs some polish before jumping in the deep end, join ActSeed’s Entrepreneur Group.

Also, you can test your elevator pitch in ActSeed’s “Inside Pitch” discussion group on LinkedIn (it’s free).

Deadline to submit your idea, startup or small business? Just say “you snooze, you lose…”, and hesitate at your own risk.

Shark Tank Entrepeneur Investor Show on ABC

3 thoughts on “Ready to Swim in the Shark Tank on ABC?

  1. Englebert Sampson
    on said:

    i have been waiting on something like this for the past 4 years. i have been trying to get on the shark tank for some time now and i email and email and nothing so this is just about the best thing i have seen since my invention.
    little joke there.

    thank you

  2. Nosgoth1979
    on said:

    I love how this show has offered so many entrepreneurs and inventors opportunities that would normally be out of reach. I’d heard of it, but never really watched it until a few days ago when a coworker at Dish told me that I “just had to check it out”. So I did a quick search on dishonline(dot)com, which is a free streaming site with tons of shows and movies, and sure enough, a bunch of episodes of Shark Tank are on there. So I’ve been watching an episode on my lunch break every day and I have to say, I’m hooked!