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How can a start-up business figure out what to price their service? I started an online/app advertising company for bars and restaurants. I need to figure out what to charge these businesses to be listed after their free trial is up at the end of the year.


Pricing a new product is a common challenge of many startups; we completely empathize with your situation.

First, you may want to extend your free trial for an extra month or so if you don’t feel you have the right pricing strategy.

Now, to figure out your ideal pricing strategy, have you done any test marketing or “voice of the customer” / focus group type events? Polls? Do you have a large base of free trial users? If so, you might tap some of them for an open discussion in return for an extended free use period.

We also suggest some paid adword activity with varying “calls to action” at different price points to see what the pull is. This can be done on Facebook or Google. You can also test marketing messages this way. If you can spend some money on a direct email to a list that fits your industry, it’s also a way to test pricing in the message to see how many click-throughs you receive.

As we’re not experts on pricing, we recommend two good books (click on each title below to find each book) that address pricing as part of startup marketing:

Marketing That Works (Wharton School Publishing)


Real Time Marketing for Business Growth


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One thought on “Q&A: Pricing for a Startup

  1. Your best opportunity right now is to survey your existing trial customers on value and expectations. Coach then on expectations if needed. Then, ask at what price would they continue use. Ask what they consider a fair price for expected results. Not only will you gather data, but you essentially close your trial user.