Are You Three Feet from Gold?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and founders of startups tirelessly work toward turning their business vision into a commercial reality, and possibly a metaphorical gold mine.  While the destination and even the journey can be rewarding, it’s often lonely and frustrating to the point entrepreneurs often give up.  If this describes you, then read “Three Feet From Gold” before making your final decision to throw in the towel.  It may be a life-changing choice.

There’s no doubt that Napoleon Hill has influenced many generations of leaders with his research and writing that stems from a 1908 encounter with Andrew Carnegie.Three Feet from Gold - Book

Hill’s principals have been artfully brought into today’s business landscape with the book, “Three Feet from Gold”. ActSeed champions books and individuals who can both educate and inspire. Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid do this well.

When you buy this book, buy a notepad, too. This is one of those books that inspire you to take notes and then muster the tenacity you need to pursue your own purpose.

As the book states, the greatest reason for failure is quitting.  Don’t even consider quitting until you have read this book.





One thought on “Are You Three Feet from Gold?

  1. I’ve read this book, and it contained great stories of successful entrepreneurs who were facing so many challenges, yet they persevered and created some amazing businesses. I like telling myself “I’m Three Feet From Gold” whenever challenging situations come up. Thanks again for posting.