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Terry Moore has been building and funding companies for two decades.

TerryMoore-MooreVP As the Managing Partner of Moore Venture Partners, LP, Terry sees up to 500 deals per year. From this list, he may seriously review a dozen of them and make an investment in about four of them.

Moore Venture Partners has established a unique niche in venture investing.  Moore doesn’t seed or lead transactions, but the firm does source and qualify deals that fit the interests of the top VCs in Silicon Valley and beyond. Then, they participate in deals with top VC firms.  Through this approach, Moore Venture Partners enables its limited partners to participate in investment opportunities to which they might not otherwise have access.

The Fund’s focus is technology and life sciences, particularly in southern California – companies with strong intellectual property (e.g. patents) in the early growth stages, and sometimes even in the expansion stage.

Terry has a solid track record of investing with returns coming from both acquisition opportunities and IPOs. His own operational experience helps him assess deals and their management teams.  His extensive relationships with top VC and corporate investors enable his portfolio companies to have the best chance to grow and succeed.  His leadership as Chairman of The VC Roundtable further indicates his commitment to bringing best practices and a collaborative spirit to venture investing.

ActSeed is glad to have firms like Moore Venture Partners involved in its Investor Group.

ActSeed provides Terry with visibility into a community of innovative startups – each having a series of ActSeed Scores that provide an indication of the company’s “investment-readiness”.  The scores calculated for each startup in ActSeed’s Entrepreneur Group enables Terry to immediately get a sense of whether the startup has established a solid foundation on which to grow and where gaps in the business might exist. Gaps won’t necessarily kill an investment opportunity, but not knowing what issues need attention may become quickly fatal for both entrepreneur and investor.  ActSeed’s contribution to the VC process is to bring any issues to the front of the conversation.

Moore Venture Partners is on track to provide great value to both its portfolio of startups and its limited partner investors. Terry Moore leads this effort by leveraging his experience and administering a thorough due diligence.  Each year a few startups may become part of the Moore Venture Partners’ investment portfolio and benefit further from Terry’s guidance and extensive network.  The hundreds of deals that don’t quite make the cut will need to look elsewhere for their capital needs.  ActSeed is glad to help Moore in his quest to find appropriate deals for his fund and provide a resource for the deals he sees that may not be “investor-ready” and need to find funding elsewhere.

To learn more about Moore Venture Partners, please visit the Moore Venture Partners web site.

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