Your Ideal Source of Cash…

…is from customers!

A great way to grow your business: find new customers using daily deals from GroupPrice.  ActSeed likes Group Price because they enable you to increase your sales with no upfront marketing expenses while cutting your costs with daily deals from other small businesses.


One of the growth problems for startups is getting more cash coming in than is going out. Cash is the fuel that powers a business. Not receivables or IOUs, but cash in the bank. You must positively impact your cash two ways:

  • Increase revenues by attracting new paying customers
  • Reduce expenses by finding great deals for the business services you need

SolutionActSeed Partner

ActSeed has partnered with GroupPrice to help you tap this innovative marketplace to boost your business in two important ways:

  • Spark an increase in sales by tapping new customers without any upfront marketing or advertising expense.
  • Find daily deals on products and services aimed at your start up or small businesses with discounts up to 80%.

How to Maximize the Benefits from the ActSeed-GroupPrice Partnership

Two steps.  Both are free.

bug-GroupPrice1. Register with GroupPrice so you can buy and sell on the GroupPrice marketplace.

2. Register with ActSeed where you can access exclusive promotions and discounts from our leading partners like GroupPrice.


Like Fox Business TV, we think Group Price is like Groupon® – but dedicated to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.



ActSeed and GroupPrice are aligned in a commitment to helping you find sources of capital and streams of revenue. Cash is king. Heck, cash is also queen, prince and the whole royal court.

Forrester Research has identified that “daily deals for business is a persistent and growing trend.” Startups and small businesses – the backbone of the US economy – have been badly weakened by the recession, but sites like Group Price are helping them recover and grow.

Raise your revenue. Cut your costs. Do both using GroupPrice.

…Now that’s an obvious partnership that ActSeed can champion.

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