Getting Legal Guidance Should Always Be This Easy and Affordable

Time Keeping ReportStartups and small businesses are often incredibly hesitant to call a lawyer for advice. Why? Because they want to avoid legal issues? No.  Because they want to avoid the invoice afterwards.

Navigating legal issues is a challenge — a time-consuming and costly component of launching a business.  Small businesses need legal guidance from many angles: corporate law, securities law, employment law, patents, trademarks, privacy, finance, litigation, tax… and the list goes on.

Interpreting and applying the law often deals with “shades of gray” more than “black and white”.  In other words, a handful of very smart attorneys may offer very different perspectives and legal advice on a given issue. 

LawPivot IconSo, wouldn’t it be incredible if an entrepreneur or small business owner could throw out a legal question to 10 attorneys who have a relevant background and receive responses from each – all for just a few bucks? 
The founders of LawPivot thought so, and ActSeed agrees.

LawPivot is one of those “no-brainer” services for a startup or small business budget.  Being able to tap legal knowledge like this is invaluable.  ActSeed is more than a strategic ally of LawPivot; it’s also a happy client.  Consider this a very warm referral for all ActSeed members.

ActSeed PartnerIf you’d like to try LawPivot, they will give you a free trial. 

If you become a member of the ActSeed community (register for ActSeed here to receive the LawPivot bonus code; it’s free!), ActSeed will give a Promotional Code to extend your free LawPivot service through the end of 2011.

Not all of a company’s legal needs can be boiled down to a crowd-sourced response.  Attorneys and legal work will still need to be in the budget, but having access to a breadth of legal minds for a small monthly fee is invaluable.  To receive this service for free during 2011 is, literally, priceless.



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