Impact Your Business

Many entrepreneurs are “allergic to the numbers side of the business”. Part of the high failure rate of small businesses is due to avoiding and ignoring basic financial principals.

Ken Kaufman’s book explains the essentials of small business finance and how to easily apply them through the use of allegory. In other words, he uses “good ol’ fashioned story-telling” to make even the most finance-phobic business owner learn and appreciate the need for quantitative, financial management.

This is not just a story about Steve, a man struggling as a small business owner, a husband and a dad. It is a guide penned in a way we can all identify with.  It goes beyond merely being clever about teaching financials.

For example, in Chapter 23, the protagonist (Steve) starts to see, from his own experiences, how anxiety and clarity are negatively correlated.  This is a non-financial lesson we all must learn and respect.  This book is full of well-articulated insights that we all face as business owners.

The first time you read it, Kaufman’s book is an enjoyable story that “hits home”.  Then, it becomes a very useful reference guide for the next hundred times you’ll take it off your bookshelf.

You can get your copy of “Impact Your Business” here.

Impact Your Business - by Ken Kaufman

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