Kick the Tires: A Continuing Series for a New Generation of Small Business Investors

ActSeed’s mission of reducing small business failure rates depend upon both well-prepared entrepreneurs and well-informed investors. This new series of articles, called “Kick the Tires”, will help both investors and entrepreneurs align for the best chances to achieve reciprocal success. 

[“Kicking the Tires” – an idiom – giving something an initial inspection before making a decision to pursue a transaction – origin: early car buyers would kick a vehicle’s tires to see if they properly held air]

So far, we have been more visible on the entrepreneur-preparation side of the equation.  Recently, we have started to make significant inroads on the other side of the same equation – sharing “best practices” with a new generation of small business investors and attracting seasoned investors with our methodologies that will help them accelerate the review process (“due diligence”) for making investment decisions.

“Kick the Tires” is a new series of articles that highlight the many issues that a small business investor or “startup angel” should address before making an investment decision. We’ll include red flags to watch for. We’ll review “tangibles” and “intangibles” alike. We’ll explore small business investing from almost every angle, including legal, financial, organizational, strategic and cultural.

To date, our primary efforts toward building new reservoirs of investor capital have been through our workshops and webinars (“How to Evaluate Prospective Deals Like a Professional Angel Investor“).  These workshops are well-attended, but it feels like we try to cram two months of information into a two hour presentation.  Seriously, we do share a lot of information in a short period of time. From there, we develop a relationship and rapport with the attendees to assure they have tools to find and evaluate small business investment opportunities within the ActSeed entrepreneur community and beyond.  Kick the Tires is meant to supplement, expand and reinforce the knowledge shared in our workshops.

Who will benefit from reading the articles in this series?

Small business investors – both novice and seasoned.  Whether you want to invest $5,000 or $5 million, you still should apply a defined due diligence methodology and process to assure your interests are aligned with your investment choice.

Entrepreneurs.  These articles don’t contain fabricated hurdles or secret handshakes, but they do outline the issues that together create a solid business foundation that will give the business the greatest resistance to failure, which is another way to say the greatest chances for success.  Investors don’t want to invest in a company destined for failure any more than the entrepreneur wants to build a business exposed to avoidable failure.  In other words, what’s good for the investor is also good for the entrepreneur, making this series equally relevant to those building businesses.

Beyond the articles in this series, what can be done to help connect “well-prepared entrepreneurs” with “well-informed investors”?

Join ActSeed.  Apply the knowledge that is shared in the articles by joining the ActSeed Entrepreneur Group or the ActSeed Investor Group.  The principles and issues we highlight in “Kick the Tires” are the same that we use to connect compatible ‘treps and investors within using our scored profiles and filtered search tools.

Finally, please send us suggestions or questions about small business investing that you’d like us to cover.  We’ll do our best to address these issues here as well.  Please send your questions about small business investing to:

Together, let’s get to work and build some wealth!

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