Positive Impact 365: Big Brands Helping Small Business

ActSeed has developed a program to help large enterprises and governmental agencies foster entrepreneurship and build early relationships with today’s emerging small businesses and tomorrow’s most promising startups.

There is a natural symbiosis between large enterprises and an “Innovation Economy” full of startups and emerging businesses.

Tomorrow’s market leaders are hard at work today, building companies that will grow our economy by generating taxable profits, creating jobs and contributing to free enterprise.  Today’s “big brands” want to engage those young companies that are taking steps to build a solid business foundation for a long life. The same big brands want to avoid companies that show signs of being “here today but gone tomorrow”.

While some of today’s small businesses will grow up to be big brands and dominant market leaders, most successful small businesses will become customers and partners of large enterprises.  In addition to selling products and services to small biz, big corporations constantly look for innovation within small companies to find new products, processes and technologies to invest in, license or even acquire.

With over 50% of all new businesses not even lasting five years, it is important for large enterprises to invest time and money with the companies that are avoiding the behaviors that often lead to failure, including a lack of planning, inadequate preparation and the failure to establish sound business fundamentals from the very beginning.

State and local economic development agencies are also very interested in attracting and nurturing small businesses that have potential to grow, create jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Governmental agencies are not usually interested or able to compete in the “home run ball” game that venture capital firms play with its portfolio of young companies, where one big “hit” (company) might generate enough returns to account for the remainder of the investment portfolio to be written off or sold at breakeven at best.  Economic development agencies don’t manage investment portfolios that must generate returns in a finite amount of time; rather, they want to nurture companies that will contribute to the local economy over generations, even if they don’t “get big fast”.

In summary, large enterprises and governmental agencies can use ActSeed’s “Positive Impact 365™” program to identify and nurture the most promising small businesses in specific industries and at specific growth stages.

If you want to learn more about how you can get your brand or agency involved in the Positive Impact 365 program, please send us an email to positiveimpact365@actseed.com.

Positive Impact 365

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