Where to Go to Test and Improve Your Elevator Pitch

Inside Pitch for Entrepreneurs and Angels:
Crowd-Based Feedback for Startup Elevator Pitches

Our new LinkedIn group is a collaborative area for “perfecting the quick pitch”.

You typically get 45 seconds or 45 words – your “inside pitch” – to articulate your business model to customers, angels, VC and other investors. Join ActSeed’s LinkedIn group to test your message on fellow group members for constructive feedback, and help other entrepreneurs scrub their pitch, too.

How to participate:

LinkedIn logoJoin ActSeed’s LinkedIn Group called “Inside Pitch” – it’s free!

Post your “inside pitch” as a new LinkedIn discussion in this group.

Invite others to provide constructive feedback.

Use the comment thread to refine the pitch and interact with those who are helping you.


Who should participate:

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, angels, investors, venture capitalists, founders of startups, students, executives, business coaches. Essentially, anybody who needs help or wants help in perfecting elevator pitches.

What happens when your pitch is ready?

Go find customers and/or investors and share your message!

Of course, ActSeed.com is a good venue to find “well-informed investors” who want to engage “well-prepared entrepreneurs”.



1. Keep it constructive and civil. Rude or arrogant comments are not welcomed. We want to cultivate a forum where we help each other improve what we say or write when we pitch our business so when we do it “live” in front of a customer or investor , it resonates.

2. This is not a forum for you present your entire business plan or executive summary. This is where you try to say “more with less”. Here, we want to refine how we open the discussion so our targeted audience asks us to share more. This forum is for each of us to metaphorically “sharpen the hook that we’ll use to catch our fish”.

3. This is NOT a venue to solicit for funding.  Please do not indiscriminately broadcast a need for funding. If an investor likes your pitch or your concept, they will likely contact you. Please keep the focus on perfecting the message.  We will aggressively moderate against misuse of this group.

Inside Pitch is sponsored and managed by ActSeed, an online community for startups and small businesses – a community dedicated to providing the best resources to help entrepreneurs properly plan, establish a solid operational foundation, attract investment and become highly competitive in the marketplace.



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