The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur in One Book

“Most people start businesses simply because they just don’t like working for someone else.”

If this quote resonates with you, or even if you have another motive for becoming an entrepreneur, you should read this book.

Scott Shane packs this book with statistics and information that really helps you understand the realities of building a business. If you are a true entrepreneur, this book should sober your expectations and then bolster your resolve. If you aren’t quite there yet as an entrepreneur, this book will properly discourage you from burning too much of your own time and money (not to mention the time and money of others) until you are truly ready to “do it the right way.”

In this book, Shane shares statistics and data about where funding comes from for new business creation, what impact VC and angels have on new business creation, which industries receive most of their funds and who may likely be the best source of funds for your own business.  He shares data about how long it usually takes to “turn the corner” with a new business and the demographics of entrepreneurship, too.

The Illusions of Entrepreneurship pulls data from a multitude of resources, including the Federal Reserve Survey of Small business Finance and the Center for Venture Research in New Hampshire.  Essentially, Scott Shane has condensed thousands of pages of research into a single, coherent book.

This book is one of the first ones you should read if you are contemplating the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

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Illusions of Entrepreneurship - Book by Scott Shane

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