Make the First Pitch Count

Thoughts for your first pitch:

Relax and enjoy the experience.

Let your passion come through, but keep it simple and concise, and don’t get defensive if you “cross nerves” with your audience.

Make sure you can quickly and clearly explain: what customer “pain” you’re solving, why your solution will sell, how you make money (and when), and how your investor can expect to realize their return on investment.

It’s ok to not have answers for everything. If you don’t have an answer, offer that you will get back to them with the answer. You might even acknowledge that their question is a good one and ask them if they have any insights to share toward converging on an answer.

Things we suggest not saying:

  • “We have no competition.”
  • “Our revenue projections are conservative.”

1. Investors may only listen when you tell them about a good idea.


2. Investors may “open their checkbook” if you (A) have a good idea and (B) can demonstrate that you have a plan to implement that good idea and turn it into a profitable one.

We champion all of this and more within our community.

This note was originally a reply to a young entrepreneur on LinkedIn who was about to make his first investor pitch and was looking for advice about pitching.

In addition to our quick response to “making the first pitch count”, we also recommend buying the book, “Pitching Hacks“.

Now, go out there and make every pitch count!

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