A Conversation with Fellow 'Trep Community, GrowVC

Recently, we were invited to talk with Markus Lampinen of GrowVC.  The resulting podcast covers a range of topics that are of interest to entrepreneurs and even angel or seed stage investors. We constantly highlighted how “preparation matters” and why those who take a focused, committed approach to establishing their business can leverage services like ActSeed and GrowVC to increase their chances for success.

In the interview, we talked about how ActSeed and GrowVC complement each other and how our focus is on providing resources to entrepreneurs who understand the importance of fundamental planning and preparation, including providing avenues to investors and other sources of capital that are needed to build a durable, competitive business.

GrowVC is based in the UK, Finland and Hong Kong, but has a budding presence in the US, too.  With ActSeed’s growing international presence, our combined geographic reach enables our entrepreneur members in every locale to have a global reach almost instantly.

ActSeed is looking forward to expanding its collaboration with GrowVC’s crowd-funding platform and other resources for its Entrepreneur Group Members. We are also excited about integrating ActSeed’s Scored Evaluation Profile into GrowVC’s community of entrepreneurs.

We hope you enjoy the podcast.  Click on the microphone below to listen.  You can also read the post on the GrowVC web site here.

 Interview with Bill Attinger

Again, we thank Markus and also Jouko Ahvenainen, Founder & Chairman of GrowVC, for the opportunity to participate in the GrowVC podcast series.



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