Resolutions and Realities: Happy 2011!

Resolutions are like business planning.  Making them once every year and quickly abandoning them renders them largely useless. 

Reassessing and recommitting on a constant basis makes them both invaluable towards growth and improvement for us and our businesses.

ActSeed launched and learned in 2010.  We won’t forget what we learned and we won’t stop learning in 2011. 

Our commitment to entrepreneurs, investors, work-seekers and all others who contribute to building successful businesses remains the same:

  • Provide valuable tools and resources to help you better prepare and avoid the pitfalls and potholes that lead to business failure, and
  • Connect you to those who matter and can help you build your vision into a durable, competitive company

ActSeed’s wish for 2011 is that every entrepreneur reap what they sow, and that they carefully cultivate their business to ensure the greatest chance for success.

Here’s to a great coming year!

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