Startup Circle for San Diego Entrepreneurs

ActSeed’s “online community” for entrepreneurs is dramatically enhanced by the presence of local entrepreneur communities – active local groups that host seminars, roundtable meetings, speaker series and provide a venue for entrepreneurs to congregate for networking, education and fellowship.

Often, these groups emerge and then dissipate.  They are a chore to maintain.  They demand lots of effort, often from a just few dedicated souls.  Some have emerge and growing with a unique “staying power”, driven as much by the organized as by the organizers.  Like most ventures, longevity is one reward of consistently delivering value.

Startup Circle in San Diego One such local entrepreneur organization is Startup Circle, which serves the San Diego area.  Startup Circle is an active venue for entrepreneurs at all early stages of growth, but the focus is on entrepreneurs who are plowing through the “proof of concept” stage.  This community provides access to mentors, networks and resources through monthly meetings, an active web site and a relentless commitment from its founder, Robert Reyes.

Robert champions building businesses through an architecture of trust above all else, although preparation and discipline are not too far behind.  Startup Circle promotes business behavior that follows what he calls “The Dolphin Strategy”: a process for entrepreneurs to confront Machiavellian behaviors that can rapidly sink a small business culture that is similar to how dolphins avoid being devoured by sharks and other ocean predators.  Applying collaborative strategies to local groups of entrepreneurs with common values and an established level of trust can lift each participant in the group.

ActSeed Partner Discount ActSeed is proud to partner with Startup Circle and provide a resource for planning, preparation and engagement to the members of Startup Circle.  Entrepreneurs and Service Providers affiliated with Startup Circle are eligible for special discounts on ActSeed’s premium group memberships. When joining the Entrepreneur Group or Service Provider Group, you can apply the discount code StartupCircle2011A for a 25% discount on annual memberships or StartupCircle2011M for a 10% discount on monthly memberships. These discounts are valid for group registrations through December 31, 2011 and will remain valid through each renewal period as long as you maintain your membership without cancellation.



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