Step-Up Venture University: Entrepreneur Education for All Generations

ActSeed is excited to partner with Step-Up Venture University!

Step-Up Venture University (Step-Up VU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to global innovation through business education. Established in 2009 by Henry Shterenberg, a successful entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Bentley University, Step-Up Venture University is now expanding into career centers, school districts, and correctional facilities in Massachusetts in order to bring the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to underserved populations.

The partnership between Step-Up Venture University and ActSeed provides Boston-area entrepreneurs access to the academic resources of Step-Up VU and the global network and informational resources of ActSeed. First-time entrepreneurs combine the lessons learned through coursework at Step-Up VU with ActSeed’s online business community and “Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” of resources to build a stronger, more successful business.

ActSeed Partner Discount Entrepreneurs and Service Providers affiliated with Step-Up Venture University are eligible for special discounts on ActSeed’s premium group memberships. When joining the Entrepreneur Group or Service Provider Group, you can apply the discount code SVU2010A for a 25% discount on annual memberships or SVU2010M for a 10% discount on monthly memberships. These discount codes can be applied through December 31, 2010 and the discount will remain valid for the life of your membership as long as you maintain the membership without cancellation.

To learn more about taking a course through Step-Up Venture University, visit their website.


More Information about Step-Up Venture University

Step-Up Venture University is a non-profit organization that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain exclusive insight and hands-on experience in the basics of entrepreneurship. Step-Up Venture University is committed to changing how business and life skills are taught, not only to youth, but also to first-time business owners, senior citizens, and others. This organization helps people follow their dreams, set their goals, develop their strengths, recognize the opportunities and pursue them.

Courses at Step-Up Venture University are taught by successful entrepreneurs who draw upon the years of experience they bring to the classroom. Whether you’re a high-school student planning a part-time venture to put yourself through college or a dentist about to start your own practice, Step-Up Venture University can give you the skills and knowledge to bring your ideas to reality.

Step-Up Venture University offers courses in the following:

  • Leaders in Training: The world belongs to leaders, not followers. Develop your full potential with this course covering the fundamentals of leadership, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and goal setting. Designed for middle and high school students.
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business can be daunting, that’s why we are here to help. Become confident enough to plan, start and run your own business with this course. Designed for people new to the field of entrepreneurship and high school students.
  • From Idea to Reality: Everyone has a dream. Take yours to reality with this course. Learn the fundamentals of grounding your dreams in reality while making them come true. Designed for those who have a business idea and would like to implement it.
  • Taking Business to the Next Level: Do you already own a business? Has the economy hit you especially hard? Learn what it takes to move your business to the next level in this course for business owners.
  • First Time Over 55: It’s never too late to start. A course designed for seniors with entrepreneurial ambitions.




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