Book Recommendation: How to Measure & Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Investment

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Released in mid–2010, Social Media Metrics provides insight into techniques for measuring and optimizing the social dimension of marketing investments. The book is applicable to emerging businesses with limited budgets as well as larger companies with diversified marketing and analytic staff.

The author addresses technology options while exploring the process for determining the metrics appropriate for the situation. The book concludes with a perspective on the future of web analytics – specifically a flip of the current B2C model to one managed and controlled by consumers, in effect C2B. Sterne provides guidance on organization change and professional development. He also provides a valuable Appendix that includes a wide range of references and sources for further pursuit, as well as sources of definitions and standards are subject to on-going development.

The Appendix and plethora of other references scattered throughout the book more than justify the modest cost of the book.




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