Where Social Media and CRM Intersect, There's a Good Book Worth Reading

CRM at the Speed of Light by Paul Greenberg is definitely a book that needs to be on all of our bookshelves and dog-eared from a thorough reading.

Selling a new product or service when representing a new, largely unknown entity (as most of us do when starting a new company) is definitely challenging, and properly supporting your products and services is critical. Understanding how to position your wares against entrenched competitors with brand recognition and often a large war chest of marketing funds isn’t easy, but those of us who figure out how to get – and keep – sales traction, can appreciate the importance of disciplined sales and support even when our company is in its most nascent stage of existence.

Greenberg outlines the concept and mechanics of social media-enabled CRM – “sCRM” – as a complement to traditional CRM systems. Edition Four includes a great deal of new content to address the impacts and potential for an expanded view of engagement in customer relationships. It also includes a detailed and current landscape of traditional and new vendors in a wide range of customer-related categories. This book is valuable to anyone seeking a strategic, yet practical view on managing and benefiting from the transition. Relevant to start-ups seeking to craft their customer service plans or seeking to enter the market for sCRM products.

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