Community Colleges on the Front Lines of Business Creation

Incubators within the community college environment are excellent venues to cultivate nascent businesses.  About a week ago, we toured a shining example of how a community college district can play a direct role in new business creation and job creation. 

RSCCD Digital Media Center

We met with Gustavo Chamorro, Director of the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Digital Media Center (“DMC”) and Dean Hopkins, the District’s Electronic Media Specialist.  We applaud what Mr. Chamorro and Mr. Hopkins are doing for Santa Ana and the southern California area they cover.   The facility is first class and running at capacity.  Not only do they house promising startups, they have classroom and commercial-grade production facilities that enable students in the digital media field to collaborate with startup founders.

The facility is a great example of bringing funding together from federal, municipal and other local sources to create this state-of-the-art program.

ActSeed is exploring the positive impact that community colleges are making on entrepreneurship across the country, and we’re excited to be building a promising relationship with Mr. Chamorro and his team and designing a foundational approach for ActSeed to help serve community colleges and their entrepreneur programs across the US.

With over 70 community college districts and over 110 community colleges in California alone, there is an amazing opportunity to serve the needs of the small business community.  The more all of us can engage them and support them, the more they can respond in kind.  The DMC is at capacity and exploring how to help more startups beyond physical office space.  We’re glad to be helping.

In summary, if you are looking for local resources to help you take your big idea and turn it into a big business, don’t overlook your local community college.  If you are in the Santa Ana / Orange County area and building a digital media business, definitely check out the DMC.

You can find out more about the DMC and the resources they have to offer on their web site by clicking here.




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