Leveraging Our Realities to Make Yours Better

…and hoping you’ll be doing the same for us!

I’ve benefited from many random but excellent recommendations and suggestions over the years. Have you ever overheard someone talking about a productivity-enhancing tool or widget, tried it and found it to be irreplaceable?  Have you ever had a colleague recommend a service in casual conversation that becomes indispensable to your business?

Well, I have for sure.  Many of them, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

 When we can, we’ll do our best to not only suggest processes, technologies, services, etc. that can increase your productivity, boost your efficiency or generally protect your sanity, but we’ll also try to give you the “entrepreneur’s perspective”  and possibly even share a word or two from the entrepreneurs who are responsible for the innovative solutions we’re championing.

We want this to be a two way street as well.  Please share tips, tools and services that you discover.  Inspire us!  We hope to return the favor here…

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